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Welcome to Green’s Collectables updated web site. We are hard at work trying to include our expanding list of offerings.
2009 has been a year of many ups and downs, but our figure makers are hard at work on new and exciting figures and sets for you. We hope you will enjoy looking at all the figures and have the desire to add some to your collection.

The Holiday season is not too far away. You might think about getting your order in soon so as to be sure your package gets to you in time.

The fall Toy Soldier Show season is off to a slow start. Our season will start with a two day show in Williamsburg VA.
Oct. 17 & 18. This show is a new one sponsored by Wm Britains, Osprey and Casemate Publishing. It will be a full weekend of Military History & toy soldier sales.

Our second show will be on Nov. 1 at the” 27th Annual East Coast Toy Soldier Show & Sale” at Farleigh Dickinson U. Hackensack, NJ.
We will have tables full of toy soldiers for you select the ones you would like to have.



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East of India offers figures of the Greek Hoplite, Persian Inf., Persian Immortals, Imperial Standards, Scythian Archers, Persian Army and Mercenaries. All are in stock.

I think JG Miniatures offers some of the best diorama material available today. Bases, buildings, trees, bushes and other great items are offered to fill your diorama needs.